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do=way/ road

jo= the place

The word dojo is made of two kanji (Japanese writing)


DO which means: way or road
The left part of the kanji is movement , while the right part of kanji is head or chief, but is actually used phonetically to express direct. So, meaning direct movement or main road. Also used figuratively in an abstract way, as a way to enlightenment.


JO which means: the place
Left part of kanji represents ground and the character to the right is of Chinese origin and has the meaning of bright and open. Here it refers to open and clear. So, clear open ground, now used to mean place.


DOJO: the place where one can seek/study the "way"


Dojo is the place where people practice martial arts or Zen Buddhist meditation. Historically, dojo was a room in a religious temple. In the dojo there are strict rules (etiquette). Dojo is a place where one can make progress under the control of a master (sensei).



Steve Armstrong's Tacoma Dojo, WA, USA 1986

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