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Why the KIKKK?

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Diploma's Sensei Fred van de Vijver


Why the KIKKK?

To understand this we have to go back to the eighties.
As you know I started Isshinryu in 1985 and went in 1986 to sensei Steve Armstrong, first generation, in Tacoma Washington US.
The same year the N.I.K.A was established, a Dutch organization with permission of Armstrong sensei. Two years later, on my invitation, Armstrong sensei came to Holland and we decided to establish the European Isshinryu Karate Association (E.I.K.A.) on October 22th 1988. Since then, I was the representative for the A.O.K.A. from 1988 till 2007.

With the E.I.K.A. we tried to create uniformity in Europe between the different countries, unfortunately it didn't happen. When people saw what kind of position they could have as head of IR in Europe, they all wanted a piece of the pie. One found himself more important than the other, so cooperation was hard to find while it is fun to play "chief".

In this way another European organization was established in these years. Several times I was asked to become a representative of different organizations from abroad, also the A.O.K.A., where I was already the representative. But they told me they couldn't find the documents, because the last president of the A.O.K.A. didn't do anything about it. This time I said no, do you think this is strange when you already ARE the representative!? The reason of my "no" is very simple. In the course of years different organizations were established in Europe and we also continued with our own "business".

So, you have your own national IR organization, then the recognized rural organization and the European or World organization. They all have to get paid by the members. Do the math.... and calculate the costs at the end of each year. From the rural organizations you get something back like special trainings, competitions etc. But what about the world organizations, do those Sensei come for nothing to Europe and pay their expenses for themselves? I don't think so.. Now your paying contribution and their expenses, in other words, is it worth the money?

This one of the reasons why we changed the E.I.K.A. to the K.I.K.K.K Europe. So, not another organization (association).

What has the K.I.K.K.K. more to offer than the rest of the European organizations?

Well, we are the second generation IR and the first generation of Armstrong sensei, in other words, we are closer to the origin of IR than any other person/organization in Europe. We have our sources from my Sensei Steve Armstrong, Advincula sensei, Harry Smith shihan and not to forget Art Smiley. All direct students of Shimabuku sensei. At the most European organizations consist of 4th or 5th and even 6th generations IR karateka's. At the K.I.K.K.K. you learn the old style of IR, so the old kata and techniques.


We are closer to the origin than any other organization in Europe.


Fred van de Vijver


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