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Small History Intro

Isshinryu Karate San Marino official started in 1977 by Sensei Elio Gasperoni, with official approval from Sensei Sam Santilli, Sensei Bob White and Sensei Willy Adams.
Sensei Adams, teacher of Santilli and White, is a student of Sensei Steve Armstrong.
Steve Armstrong, first generation student of Sensei Tatsuo Shimabukuro, founder of Isshinryu karate, gave his approval.
During the following years several exchanges were made with Sensei Arnold Sandubrae, who is also from the USA.


October 20-22, 2006

Sensei Fred van de Vijver from The Netherlands, who is a second generation Isshinryu karateka under Sensei Steve Armstrong was invited to teach and train old style Isshinryu in the Republic of San Marino.


Some words from Sensei Fred van de Vijver

Sensei Christian Tomasini invited me on behalf of the Isshinryu Karate organization San Marino to give a seminar in the old style Isshinryu Karate, like practiced in The Netherlands.

I received a very warm welcome by the San Marino sensei and also the President of the Parliamentary Delegation of the Republic San Marino, Mister Gian Marco Marcucci. Mr. Marcucci is also the president of the Federazione Sammarinese Arti Marziali. He is responsible for promoting karate all over the world and especially karate to become an olympic sport.

Through the internet they read that I am second generation in Isshinryu and that way closer to its original source. So it was decided to invite me to teach and train, and off course I accepted.

In San Marino Isshinryu Karate is practiced different than we do. Although Isshinryu is practiced since 1977, it is hard to develop it to an higher level, despite of the fact that there were some good contacts with the USA.

They asked me to accept them in our Koden Isshinryu Karate Kobudo Kenkyu Kai and decided to follow our way of classical and orthodox Isshinryu karate, as practiced in The Netherlands.

I am happy to have made new friends in San Marino and look forward to further our training in The Netherlands soon.

Thank you,
Fred van de Vijver
7th Dan Isshinryu

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