Isshin-Ryu Code of Conduct
Article 1. The dojo is where the individual’s physical and mental condition is trained.

     A. Believe that there is a God and human beings are his children. (Believe in your own faith, but respect others) 

     B. Military art (budo) begins with a salute and ends with the same. 

     C. Teachers and students bow to the protecting Goddess of Isshin-ryu (Megami) and be nice to each other. 

Article 2. Devote one’s mental concentration and practice sincerely during the course of training.

Article 3. Smoking and drinking are prohibited while training.

Article 4. Take good care of equipment used in training.

Article 5. Students be respectful to their teachers and teachers be courteous to the students and guide them properly.

Article 6. Violators of the above codes will be dismissed from the dojo.